Wednesday, November 7, 2007

mass thought collective conciousness through networked systems

Through these advanced systems our notion of the world has changed. Past concepts of a round world, have evolved inward, into what Journalist and author Thomas Friedman calls the ‘Flat World’. This flat virtual level playing field is a world where we can all compete upon the same level, a world of no boundaries and endless possibilities. The flat world, through its interconnectivity knocks down previous economic, social and cultural barriers that some say have been holding back us for to long. The Internet creates this notion and defines a new freedom. This freedom is created through information availability, processing speeds and access. Yet the initial chaotic ideal of freedom that the Internet provided has slowly been eroded. Terrorist, hackers, paedophiles amongst others have eaten away at the utopia. With this erosion comes an opening up of privacy, rights, censorship and safety as we all become susceptible. It has become a symbol of fear as governments and corporations around the world grapple with its real implications. Data systems, surveillance, and digital footprints are being converted, stored and hacked as the more we watch the more we become watched. This, the world post September eleven has converted free ideals of apparent democracy, into world of pre-emptive attacks, data retrieval, spying, profit and paranoid fear. The Internet has grown into a device that is all knowing, all watching, forever attaching and open to all.

the machine.

I’m coerced into a design through implanted information. Suggestive techniques are disguised and redefined by modern technologies. These technologies, which define our new century, have the potential to exploit and engage on new levels. Experiences of the surrounding world can become distorted, as external factors from unknown sources influence our beings. The cognitive landscape, which makes up our joint psychological space, shapes the world in which we inhabit. Our past, perception and individuality are designed with in an increasingly controlled enclosed environment. This is an environment created by our wants, controlled by others, the utopia of the modern age. This electric language of the modern city, beams information into lounge rooms and radiates our nighttime skies. The language reaches in breading a familiarity, creating, linking and replicating neural processes. This is a man made machine. A machine that mixes entertainment with the propaganda of war, death, wealth and beauty defining a design, an enemy a lifestyle, the norms with in a society. This is a machine that creates a need for constant stimulation, it suggests and coerces an ingrained ideal, from birth, creating an environment that will continue to grow and immerse until death. Families sit around and watch, listen and interact with radiating screens. This, the pursuit of entertainment, as minds become numbed by the constant stimulation, creating and forming addicts of a new age.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


A future force of human interconnectivity. XXZX is the new messiah a formed ideal of intergallatic nural networks that beams through the interface of the lcd and into the minds. Manipulating through language, persuasion in a cognitive overload, you will find the true ideal. XXZX is a pleasure enhancer and iggnorance inducer. He is the god of the internet, a etheral flourecent symbol of the vast synthetic urban sprawl. Destroy all false idols as there is only one, and there will allways be only one. To be saved join XXZX now!